Top Ten Films (From 2014)

My first film list, it is not good….. Have fun!

OK so, I am making this for fun and I saw a lot of movies this year. And so let’s once again start honourable mentions.

X-Men: days of Future Past – It was good, but it weren’t First Class.

OK, now onto the list.

10) 22 Jump Street

It is not often that you get a sequel of this quality, this is so good, I don’t really have much to say because it is a comedy. Although the entire film is a riff on bad sequels and that is done really well. And the two sequences with Ice Cube are the highlight of the film.

9) The Grand Budapest Hotel

This film is a Wes Andersen film, so it is very…….. Wes Andersen. I can’t say anymore, but this is a very witty/quirky film. Made it to the Top Ten so I liked it.

8) Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

A damn good film, and another sequel. Super good action film, and Andy Serkis proves he is one of the best character actors ever yet again.

7) The Fault in Our Stars

This is such a good adaptation, perfect almost. Of course the book is better (that is almost always the case, the exception being Snowpiecer) but yea, this is an utterly fantastic film.

6) Edge of Tomorrow

All you need is Kill is so goood, I love the idea of Live. Die. Repeat. it is the basic form of speed running. And…. And…. Just watch it, it’s really good. The only bad thing is that no one can decide on a godamn title, Edge of Tomorrow, Live. Die. Repeat., All you Need is Kill (the best one.)

5) Captain America: The Winter Soldier

How do you follow up the best superhero film ever, (my favourite anyway) by not trying to be the original and use the movie to shake up a massive multi-film universe, that is how. A massive game changer happens in this movie for the future of almost all Marvel films and even the TV show. It is a marvel film, so that is why it is on here. the “game changing” stuff just a bonus……… Also the scene in the lift.

4) Godzilla

Yea!! OK, so the story was weak. But GODZILLA, all I need.

3) The Raid 2

BEST. ACTION. FILM. ohhhhhh this is so violent, such “dirty” violence. I love it, this film made me physically cringe at the horrible pain people were in….. And I loved every second of it. Sub par story, but I do not care.

2) The LEGO Movie

This film had no reason to be good, a film about LEGO? whatever man…… But no this film was nothing short of fantastic. It was godamn hilarious from beginning to end. Batman was the best character for simply being a parody of Batman. Just see this film for pure joy and fun. Oh yea, the acknowledgement of how terrible Green Lantern is was fantastic. I guess you could say….. Everything is awesome hahahahahaaaaaaaa……….. I will see myself out……. After this.

1) Guardians of the Galaxy

This movie, THIS MOVIE. It is so good, it is funny, It builds the Marvel universe to the cosmic scale and has some great serious moments too. I don’t want to say any more about this film……. So just watch it and you will see why it is so good.

And so there is my top 10, that is all.

I will most likely do this again next year. Now I shall see myself out.


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