Top Ten Films (From 2015)

Well, one year later and I was… better I guess. but still, on 2016’s list I will attempt to do better.


Another year, another list. I enjoy making these lists, they are quite fun to write. There were plenty of good films this year, so the final list was difficult to compile, but It is done and here it is (and done before Christmas this too!)

10.) Me, earl and the Dying Girl

This is the story of two young film makers… Well one, Earl is just along for the ride. A girl gets cancer and the protagonist is forced to “hang out” with her by his mother, the story takes fun turns and sad ones as the relationship between them grows. This is not a love story, it’s more about friendship. A feel movie, the cast are all great and the tone wonderful. A very solid start to the list.

9.) Mr. Holmes

Ian Mckellen played the old tired Sherlock Holmes perfectly. Sherlock’s final days, he didn’t go out on a bang and he didn’t go out on a whimper either, he just got old. No bombastic large scale adventure or anything like that. Just a nice a slow simple case, and that is the way it should be. Sherlock Holmes isn’t an action hero, he is a detective. A fine well done flim.

8.) Specter

While not the best Bond film, Skyfall felt much better and well written. It was still quite a fun James Bond spy thriller/action film. My complaint would be that Andrew Scott was underused, he could have been a bigger threat. Other than that, it was fine. Christoph waltz is a great bond villain, I don’t know why he is such a good actor of villains. In fact everyone did a good job on the acting front. The story left much to be desired in that is was….. Not small scale, but it didn’t increase the scale from the previous entry. Although it did tie all of the Craig bond films together in a nice neat bow.

7.) Victoria

This was an impressive movie, done in one take. Throughout there was only one goof involving a car door. The story was smile and fairly slow, but it needed to be. The film is around two and a half hours long, and after that you get to know the characters very well. I enjoyed it a lot. The film was based in Germany (Berlin) and followed Victoria, a girl who moved there from Madrid. So the common language of communication between the charters was English, which was a nice touch.

6.) Paper Towns

I do love me some John Green books, and the films are almost as good as their literary counterparts. Paper Towns is a great Romance, Mystery movie. And the cast couldn’t be better. Nat Wolff is a godamn rising star and Clara Delavigne is fantastic as an intriguing mystery girl. A non-Typical while still being typical story and some great moment’s throughout.

5.) Ant-Man

Nobody had faith in this movie, but it ended up being one of Marvel’s best entries. Paul Rudd is fantastic as the lead man as his comedic timing is impeccable, and Michael Douglas is great as Hank Pym too (props to the CG young Michael Douglas too). It had fun moments and great humour. It would be higher, but the villain left a lot to be desired, he was just too simple, no depth to him besides “I want money”.

4.) Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Avengers sequel show what type of movies they are, while the individual outings for Marvel are more character driven, the team-up’s are celebration victory laps for the Heroes. But it is still a fun movie and it moves the characters into their next positions for the next outing Captain America Civil War (which will be much better than this… Probably). The story was simple, but It does the job. This movie shines (like the last) with the interactions between the heroes. It’s a fun ride, but that is about it.

3.) The Martian

I almost missed this movie, but I caught it in the end. I am very glad I did, what a fantastic character driven movie. Matt Damon did a great job, and so did the rest of the cast. The story was simple (for a space movie anyway) but it was effective. Great cast all around, and a good soundtrack too *cough*David Bowie*cough*. Ridley Scott made a good movie again, which is wonderful after the disaster that was Prometheus.

2.) Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max, was two hours of non-stop car chase action…. Well there was a few down moments. Great looking movie, and Tom Hardy continues to be a great actor with a hell of a lot of diversity. The story was simple but affective, but that is all it needed. And CG was used only if it was needed. It was my number one for most of the year, and was only overtaken at the last hurdle that was…

1.) Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

It’s been ten years since the terrible Star Wars Prequel’s, so after these ten years the bad taste of them have finally been washed out by the fantastic start to the new Trilogy of the post Return of the Jedi Star Wars universe. I went into this movie with the Red Letter Media Plinkett Reviews in mind, and I saw close to none of the criticisms. I loved the movie, it’s a new classic Star Wars. While the story beats were similar to a new hope, and there were a ton of references. It felt fun and had plenty of things to distinguish itself as a standalone Star Wars film. All of the newbies were great, especially Oscar Isaac. Kylo Ren is an Interesting villain with perfect character flaws. BB-8 is a Great new Droid, and all of the old cast are great editions. Overall a fantastic return to Star Wars, and well deserved number one spot.

and that is this list OVER!!! onto next year.
Thanks for reading.


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