Top Ten Games (From 2015)

I actually like this one, plus it’s a STRONG list but still hs some problems.


Well here I am again, writing up what I liked in 2015. I don’t know why I do this but I enjoy it none the less, well off we go to the honourable mentions list.

Honourable Mentions:

Freedom Planet

Batman Arkham Knight

Mortal Kombat X

A nice short one this year. which is nice, right onto number ten:

10.) Her Story

I don’t think in the history of forever an FMV game would ever make it on to a Top Ten List, but here we are. Her Story is a game in which nothing is told to you and you can only get a small glimpse of a story through small video clips of an interview with a woman about….. Something. The goal of the game is to understand what is going on, and once you do the game is over. So it’s a mystery and it is damn interesting.

9.) Resident Evil Revelations 2

These day’s Resident evil Games aren’t very good, but the sub series of Revelations is rather quite good. Revelations 2 Had a lot to offer like the story of the Missing Wesker and bring Barry Burton back into the limelight, Gameplay had the innovation of a support only co-op system which made the game more fun to play for both players. While not really a horror game (Resi stopped being so with 5 back in 09) it had some pretty good moments.

8.) Super Mario Maker

Awwww man!! This game is a hell of a lot of fun, just making Mario levels, the concept couldn’t be simpler. But nothing beats the joy of watching someone die to some hidden bullshit invisible block you placed. The ‘game’ part of it is a bunch of 2d Mario games, so ya know it is good. I don’t need to say any more on this one it’s Mario.

7.) Life is Strange

A damn good surprise of the year. While it started off rocky, like really rocky it morphed into one of the deeper games of the year. It was dark and had a sense of mystery…. And oh, did I mention Time powers. It is VERY stylistic and kind of hipster in its presentation but that would be more than likely because it is a young adult adventure made by the French, so if you like that sort of thing, or can deal with it for the sake of a good story give it a go.

6.) Tales from the Borderlands

Telltale is an interesting company, sometimes they do things right I.e. The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among us. They then put out utter shit, Game of Thrones and Minecraft Story mode. Luckily this game is in the former, Tales from the Borderlands had no right being as good as it is. Boy am I happy with the result Funny/Witty writing and memorable characters that are now part of borderlands lore. I enjoyed almost every second of this rag tag group of charters adventures, good job Telltale you made a good one.

5.) Undertale

Undertale was one hell of a video game with its funny/witty writing, amazing music and extremely memorable characters. The way it innovates on the RPG genre is fantastic and the pacifist run is something to behold. The game made me laugh out loud and say that’s awesome multiple times, I can’t say much because the game is something to be played not heard about. Highly recommend.

4.) Bloodborne

This game was a wonderful early year entry, Part of From software’s souls series it was a difficult game. And I enjoyed every time I got mad because I died, and it was a lot. The game teaches you over time and by the end you pretty much become an expert at the game…… kind of anyway, if you aren’t careful the game will still kick your ass for just being cocky.

3.) Fallout 4

This entry is kind of cheating as I have not finished it, but the sheer size and the time I have are not a good combination making it near impossible for me to finish it before the year is out. But yea here it is, Fallout 4. Of course it is good it’s Fallout, A great western RPG. If I had to complain, it’s really similar to New Vegas and 3 with not much new. And I am not sure it was the best idea to have the voiced protagonist, it is also a technical mess it becomes less and less acceptable over time for Fallout to have so many glitches, something needs to be done about it. But hey it’s still a good game in the end.

2.) Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

My second favourite franchise in video games last entry (with the original director at least), and as expected it was a fantastic game. Was it the best Metal Gear?…….. No, the best one is still MGS 3. Right let’s list the bad shit about the game, first up the game was not finished. First the last mission was cut which made the ending of the game feel odd. Second the pacing of the story was extremely poor; there were large chunks of time where nothing happens in the story. So that is the games problems both with the games story, now then onto the good things. The game play of the game is great; it is the best playing Metal Gear to date. And while story felt disjointed and sparse, what story there was wonderful. Even with the cut content it put the Metal Gear saga in a nice neat bow. It was fun playing the story of The Man Who Sold the World….. Or was it…? It would be number 1, but unlucky for Metal Gear one game did nothing wrong (at least that is how I see it).

1.) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This is one of the best open world RPG’s ever, fantastic writing, rich lore filled world that is also very pretty to look at and great memorable characters. It was a long interesting story which is also a bookend to the game series and the book series (although the games aren’t cannon). The game play was fun, deep functions for crafting, alchemy and such. The combat was fairly well done, the game kept me immersed for hours. So overall the game was a master-class of RPG’s, it is one of the greats. I literary cannot think of one thing that this game does wrong, and for that reason I must put it over Metal Gear.

and that is another year down, was a decent one this year, no unto the next
Thanks for reading.


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