A Few Thoughts On – Swiss Army Man

So I am fresh off of the heels of the film “Swiss Army Man” and my thoughts are as follows; ……….. That was a straight up bazaar movie, I enjoyed did it, but it was very weird. The Film stars paul Dano as Hank, who is stranded on a deserted island at the start of the film and is about to kill himself. As he is about to commit the act he notices a corpse has washed up on the beach, this corpse is played by Daniel Radcliffe.

The film was continuously funny throughout, but it did slow down for small portions of drama when it needed to. The performances of both actors were great and enjoyable, special props to Radcliffe for being a great corpse. The film was visually pleasing, the environments were nice and lush. The story was interesting but odd like the rest of the film, it all fits together nicely in a strange, strange, bow. There isn’t really any way to say anything more about it without getting to spoilers, so uh if you enjoy a weird out of left field kind of movie, I highly recommend it.

The films theatrical release poster.

So, Jumping right into things. Once Hank’s suicide attempt fails, he run’s over to the body to check on it, and discovers that is simply a dead man who has washed ashore. After a few seconds though he can hear noises coming from the body. It is passing gas. (There is a lot of farting in this movie) It is continuously blowing wind mind you, enough in fact that Hank can ride the corpse as a jet ski across the ocean. So with new hope for survival Hank rides the corpse across the sea to try and return to civilization. Did I mention this movie is weird? Because this is the tame stuff.

The two then arrive at another beach which is part of the mainland, Hank proceeds to attempt to find his way home, while lugging the body with him on his journey there. He stops in a cave for the night when it is raining, leaving the corpses mouth in direct line of droplets of water coming from the edge of the caves roof, which fills the corpse with water. The next morning Hank discovers that the corpse is filled with water and uses it to drink from. After draining the corpse by drinking, Hank begins to talk to the corpse, trying to make it speak, after a short while it does.

The corpse is called Manny and after an initial freak out, hank comes to trust and befriend Manny as he takes him with him on is return home. Hank comes to this conclusion after Manny gets an erection from looking at an old magazine with half naked women on the floor, thinking he can use it as a compass. Over the course of the film Hank finds that Manny can be used in many different ways to help him get home. Such as using Manny’s mouth as a gun to shoot seeds to kill animals for food, as well as using it to launch a crappy grappling hook. And there are a lot more uses for this “Swiss Army Man” such as a head for a hammer and a portable water despenser, he even uses his teeth to shave.

Hank has his phone on him, but only turns it on once in a while to check for signal, on his lock screen Hank has a picture of a woman on a bus. At some point Manny see’s this image and remarks that the phone is beautiful, Hank explains that it is a picture of a woman called Sarah (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and that she is someone from back home. Manny now wishes to get Hank home so he can meet this Sarah.

The film continues to use Sarah as an anchor point for the rest of the films….. “shenanigans” untill they reach civilation. The film left me flabergasted as to what I had just witnessed, but I am glad I wacthed it. It had no right being as good as it was, but im happy it was.

If I were to give it a rating it would be;

4 out of 5 stars.



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