A Few Thoughts On – The Playstation Experience keynote 2016, The Game Awards and more.

So Sony’s yearly December conference finished not to long ago, and it had many interesting and exciting things.


It started with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, looking as good as Naughty Dog games tend do and it will more than likely be a great game. Can’t say anything more as it is an Uncharted game, so it will probably feel like one.

Next up was Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite, writing this before the gameplay reveal makes if difficult to determine if the game looks good. But I enjoy this series even though I am not the best a fighting games, and being a millennial I have to (by law) Enjoy Marvel products. This also includes the announcement of a next-gen port of Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Which sweetens the whole thing.

I forget the order the rest of the announcements come in, but anyway:

Crash Bandicoot the N. Sane Trilogy looks like old crash, which it should considering it is a remake of 1 to 3. But Crash looks extremely creepy and the gameplay looks slow and clunky, which is cool if you want pure PS1 ports. But this already confirmed to be built from the ground up, so I only hope that it play’s smoother than it looks. there is also a Wipeout collection thing, I don’t have any history with the franchise par knowing about its old studio and what happened to it. But this game looks good none the less.

PaRappa The Rapper is getting a remaster which cool, I have a tiny bit of history with it. There is also remasters in the works for Locoroco and Patapon too, but nothing was shown of them. Let It Die, looks very very weird and intriguing. It’s free, so I will have to give it a look at some point. Ace Combat 7 also looks interesting, but I have no pervious experience with the series. Ni No Kui II and Gravity Rush 2 look good too, but I need to beat both of their first series entries.

Ahhhaha Windjammers, being part of the Giant Bomb community made this moment quite “special”. I know of Windjammers, I know the joke that this port was never gonna happen and the links to IronGalaxy’s Dave Lang. as well as Jeff Gerstman and his love of the game, which has kinda rubbed off on me.

In fact watching Jeff go quiet on Twitter when the game was announced and then resurfacing when they were showing the VR game that followed the announcement, saying that he can’t concentrate because Windjammers with online, was quite funny. And then on top of that saying he just recovered from it to see an NES style baseball game and go right back under again was a cherry on top of a wonderful moment.

There was also an announcement for Yakuza 6 and Yakuza Kiwami for the west, I have watched games one to four and am currently playing through five and waiting upon Zero. So adding to the Yakuza line up is always good news for me. Resident Evil VII is still looking good, so is Gran Turismo Sport (Especially in 4K and VR), as is Horizon: Zero Dawn along with Nioh.

And to end off the things I care about and the last thing of the keynote, The Last of Us Part II. So opening the show with a Naughty Dog game and closing with one, and of course it looks great. I am curious of where these characters and the story will go, and I have complete confidence that it will be good simply from the fact they used the tasteful title “Part II” instead of a subtitle or a plain number.

While writing this a Death Stranding panel has started, so I will talk about this for a bit. It appears kojima is working with Guerrila games for the engine. I eagerly await Kojima’s first post Konami game for it has many different aspects that look intresting, the bizarre looking world/setting, Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen in the cast, along with Guillermo Del Toro’s face (sadly not his voice or mocap) and the soundtrack so far.

I guess I will cover some other video game things while I am here. The Game Awards were airing the other night, and while I like Geoff Keighley. His shows can be quite “YEA BRO, SHAVING ROBOTS!!!” unflattering to game culture to say the least, but he does try, I will give him props for that. some interesting things came from it though. The second Death Stranding trailer being one, Mass effect Andromeda’s gameplay being another.

Mass Effects showing was mixed, showing what is great about Bioware; the expansive worlds, interesting characters and their writing, and the poor being their facial animations. Speaking of poor animations Tell Tale also announced a Guardians of the Galaxy game series, which will hopefully be one of their good ones. Tell Tale also showed The Walking Dead Season 3, which I also hope will be one of their good ones.

There was also two showings of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, one trailer and one gameplay segment. They both look great, I await the game with excitement. I also await the new Nintendo console, the Nintendo Switch. I think it looks great and I can’t wait to see more about it, it is a very clever idea with plenty of potential.

Alright last thing, Persona 5 was once again delayed from February to April. Very sad, but it will defiantly be worth the wait! There we go, that is my thoughts on video game news for now.

Till next time…


One thought on “A Few Thoughts On – The Playstation Experience keynote 2016, The Game Awards and more.

  1. Great post! It was definitely a fantastic week for gaming news (for Sony and Zelda fans at least) and there’s much to be excited for. The Last of Us II was a complete surprise and one that I welcome entirely! There’re so many good games on the horizon. Next stop: Nintendo’s January presentation!! 😀

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