My Game of the Year Awards 2016

So, due to time constraints and other distractions, I was not able to play many video games this year. So I am not gonna make a traditional Top Ten list, in its place though I am gonna put together a small set of awards for the games I did play. As well as a list of the pile of Shame for those I did not (Or at least that I did not play enough of).

To Begin then, my pile of Shame:

Forza Horizon 3




Titanfall 2




Pokken Tournament


Star Fox Zero


Watch_Dogs 2




Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice


Dark Souls 3




Pokemon Sun/Moon


Right, Now Onto The Awards

Most mind-blowing Game – The Witness


The Witness is a mind-blowing puzzle game, with a simple core concept of drawing lines. The fact that it keeps toping itself in terms of what the puzzles are and how you solve them is astounding, and then there is THE moment which is jaw dropping.

Most Atmospheric Game – Inside


Inside is unsettling and that feels amazing. It is very minimalistic in presentation terms, but that then adds to its dark atmosphere. It keeps building up to an….. interesting moment, but it is nothing short of shocking. The game is also a puzzle game, but very different to the witness, and the difficulty of the puzzles are much lower.

Best Handheld/Mobile Game – Pokemon GO


I cannot deny the phenomena that this game was. For those few short months/weeks, this game ruled the world. It knocked every other handheld game out of the water, so it deserves recognition here.

Most Difficult (But Fun) Game – Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest


I love me some Fire Emblem, and Conquest was a return to the difficulty of older FE games, which was a great thing to see. While I did enjoy the game, I did not beat it or the other versions. I did get near to the end so I feel comfortable talking about it like this instead of chucking it on the pile of shame.

Most addictive Game – Stardew Valley


Stardew valley makes me want to start a farm…………… I don’t need to say anymore, or I might want to fall back into it.

Best Game to Watch – Hitman


So here is a novelty, I haven’t played Hitman. But I know it as if I had 100% the game. I have seen it all played and enjoyed through the eyes of Giant Bomb’s Brad Shoemaker, Dan Ryckert,  Jeff Gerstmann and Vinny Caravella. It has been a treat to see them fumble through the whole game. I do plan to get the game eventually.

Most Relaxing Game – Abzu


Abzu is just a lovely zen trip through the ocean, it is just bliss.

Best Writing – VA-11 HALL-A


This cyberpunk bartending game is so well written it is quite unbelievable. It is so enthralling and witty, I love it. It’s plot is still a mystery to me as it is another game I have not finished. But what I have played is great.

Best Story – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


This is the best written uncharted story out of the four games. It makes Nathan Drake the most “human” he has ever been. I won’t get into it, because I am not putting a spoiler section in these awards. But I can assure that it is great.

Best Looking Game (Artistic) – Firewatch


While this is yet another well written game with a great story, it lost out the above just slightly. But another thing that Firewatch has going for it is its beautiful style. If this was technical Uncharted would take the cake.

Best Music – Final Fantasy XVfinal-fantasy-xv-covers-1-1280x1597

Final Fantasy has always had great music and XV is no exception. With great new additions to the legacy of FF music, as well as cheating with a collection of older FF music. It can stand with the best.

Right, that is the awards. Now for a small quick List of the games in the order in which I enjoyed them the most. I don’t want to give a proper Top Ten as there are unfinished games on here. But with That that said;

The Not Quite Top Ten, Top Ten!

10.) Pokemon GO

9.) Stardew Valley

8.) Firewatch

7.) Inside

6.) The Witness

5.) Final Fantasy XV

4.)  Abzu

3.) Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest

2.) VA-11 HALL-A

1.) Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Alright, this years “list” was cobbled together, last minuet, I considered not doing one at all. but I felt I had to put something up, so here it is.

Till Next time….


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