A Few Thoughts On – Sherlock: Season 4

So with the 4th and possibly final season of Sherlock over, it now seems like a good time to write-up my thoughts about it –


Spoilers throughout!!!

– although I doubt it is the end, it has set a clean slate for the show. And the show most likely makes too much money to end now. But anyway, onto my thoughts.


The Six Thatcher’s –

This was a poor opening to the show, with it the focus on a Mary plotline. She is a character I have no love for, so it felt really dull. And it also had the problem of Sherlock knowing how to fight a trained assassin at one point, he should have lost that fight. But anyway, the episode resulted in Mary Watson’s death, this caused John to deflate like a balloon (which was humorous). Overall a poor start to a decent season. I don’t really have that much to say about this episode.


The Lying Detective –

This was a much MUCH better episode than the first, and probably the “best” episode of the season (although I kinda prefer the 3rd episode). It was, for the most part, a standalone case. It involved Toby Jones as a very┬áJimmy Saville type person which made for a very fun outing. I will save the in-depth details for the last episode, but before that I have to mention that the twist of John’s therapist being Euros was quite surprising, and her playing Sherlock for a fool by dressing up as Toby’s characters daughter made her seem like she could be a threat in that she could fool Sherlock, like Moriarty did in season 1 posing as Molly’s “gay” Boyfriend. Now, onto the final problem.


The Final Problem –

The final problem is a great finale, but not without problems. While the middle was some of the most tense Sherlock has been in its 7 year run. The start was… Odd, it felt weird but once the jig of it being a trick by Sherlock was up it felt a bit better. And the Ending montage was poor, it just rushed everything to wrap up. An extra 15 to 20 minutes would have been better, and welcome considering this felt like the END of Sherlock. Well at the very least it has wrapped up all the loose ends of the shows plotlines that I can think of, thus the clean slate it sets.

Now the meat of this episode was the escape room style puzzles Euros sets Sherlock, Mycroft and John. And the Phone call with Molly was (at least for me, with her being my favourite Character of the show) the most tense I have felt when watching this show. It also had a great amount emotional weight with getting her to say “I love you” being the crux of her survival, well until it was revealed that she was never in danger. Sadly this was pushed aside in the ending without any mention of it again, just her showing up for 1 second in the montage. But the scene by itself was fantastic.

The character building of Mycroft in the scene with the conundrum of Sherlock shooting either him or John was also a nice addition. And now we reach Moriarty and his use in the episode. for a good minute I thought he did it, I thought he managed to survive a gunshot to the head. But this was not the case, but he was still used extremely well, and in an interesting way. Another good character moment was near the end with Lestrade calling Sherlock a “good” man, which as nice call back to season 1 when he says he is a great man, and that one day he might be a good one.

Euros as a character and villain, was a little disappointing with her “ability” to make people do what she wanted by just talking to them. Other than that though, she did feel threatening even with the short amount of time we spend with her. But giving the pure evil character any kind of excuse for her actions feels like a bit of a cop-out. So her doing this because she was lonely was utter rubbish.

Despite the problems the episode presented, I enjoyed it overall and left the cinema with a positive outlook. This episode did feel very final, the show could end right here and it would feel natural……. except Mary narrating over the final moments of the show, what was that rubbish about? That was dumb, so it best go on.


Well, till next time…


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