A Few Thoughts On – Oxenfree

Oxenfree is a fantastic narrative driven game, it being a young adult story with horror elements. I had an extremely fun time playing through this short but great game.


Oxenfree, while simple in its gameplay, it mostly being walking and selecting dialog choices Telltale style along with the odd puzzle to solve really shines in its overall story and it’s atmosphere. The voice acting was phenomenal and made the story feel that much more real, believable and fun. The characters themselves were really well written, and once again felt real and believable making the young adult aspect shine through, even if some of them fitted into stereotypes of media (E.g the bitchy girl, the pot kinda head).

The overall story was horror/mystery thing which was interesting and kept me wondering what would happen next, and the soundtrack was really really good which helped with the atmosphere, further enhancing my enjoyment of the plot. The presentation with the art style and speech bubbles for the text were top-notch.

Spoilers from here on!

the plot takes a few twists and turns, and the game has a fair few endings depending on your dialog choices through the game. And then there is the reflections in the water and mirrors throughout the game. The reveal that those reflections are you (as in the player) from the future is amazing, and a wonderful reveal of why the dialog was about things that don’t really make sense when they happen for the first time come together in a nice neat bow.

Of course then there is a time loop aspect, and that this game has happened in its entirety many many times is yet another great reveal. I do love it when I find a nice short, well written and voice acted game, that defiantly would have been on my game of the year list if I played it when it came out.

Well, till next time….


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