A Few Thoughts On – T2: Trainspotting

the original Trainspotting is a great movie, and its sequel is nearly as good as the first, if not its equal in terms of quality. But it is great for different aspects from the first.


Being born the year the original Trainspotting came out I obviously didn’t watch it when it was released, So about a year or two ago I went and watched it to see if it was worth the praise it gets. And I was happy to see it was, I particularly enjoyed the great style that Danny Boyle presents throughout the film and the acting of the young cast was great and a great launch point for it’s cast. But I am not here to talk about the first film, I am here to talk about T2.

T2 continues with the great style from the first film, in a different more modern way. The film builds a story off nostalgia, it begins with Renton returning home after 20 years because of a health scare with his heart in Amsterdam. That is one of the gears that starts the story moving, another being Begbie attempting to escape prison, a third being Simon (Sick Boy) extorting people through a camera on them during their sexual exploits with his “girlfriend”┬áVeronika. And then there is Spud who is still a recovering addict with a few more problems mixed in. Each of the guys stories eventually bring them together again, of course there is unfinished business with one another so there is some confrontation on that front.

the film is fairly funny as veiwers of the first film would expect, putting the characters in a varity humorous situations. A highlight being the scene in the social club. the movie also has quick flashbacks to the original movie when the story requires and somtimes blends them together. Both of these elmends make the film fun to watch and a standout amoung the januray slog.

Spoilers from this point

I don’t have much to say on the specifics of the movie, par the great ending confrontation with Begbie in the pub. The use of Begbie as the antagonist of the movie was great, his attempts to kill Renton on sight felt like a very Begbie thing to do. And then being knocked out with a toilet, and put in the boot of a car and sent back to prison was a moment of hilarity.

Now, while I did like both Trainspotting movies, I struggle to find what to say about them in more detail, perhaps that is because of my age, well anyway

Till next time….


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