A Few Thoughts On – The Grand Tour, Season One

With the first season of The Grand Tour wrapped up, it’s time to talk about the shows up’s and downs.


Overall the show was a disappointment, but it did have some great moments reminiscent of old Top Gear. The main problem was the highly scripted scenarios that were just painful to sit through, when the comedy seemed natural though it was great. Of course Top Gear also had scripted stuff, but most of the time it was far less obvious (and painful to watch), and I think the show will improve when it returns for its second run.

it was stated many times that they were trying new things and are going to get rid of things if they don’t work. I fully expect “Celebrity Brain Crash” to be gone or at least show up once as a joke for the second season, as for the American I am unsure if he will return. While he is unpopular they do need a lap time setter. I do hope they stop making James the fool, on Top Gear James was never the fool he was always the one who “did things properly”.

So while a lot was wrong, there were some things done right. Most of the road trips were fun to watch and they felt natural, the road tests were as good as they were on old Top Gear and despite the scripted stuff the chemistry between the three is still there.

So, a disappointment for now. But it will improve with the coming seasons…. At least I hope so.

well, till next time…


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