A Few Thoughts On – Your Name (Kimi no Na wa)

Your Name is a wonderful film in many aspects, it looks pretty, has a great story and is breaking records (with good reason), but perhaps it shouldn’t break all the records.


Your Name is a Romantic Drama story about two young people who live miles apart in Japan, one in the city (Tokyo), and one out in the more traditional styled Japanese countryside. One day they awaken to discover that they have switched into one another body’s and then of course antics ensue for the early movie. The two only learn of the others existence after they switch a few times, thinking the switch to be a weird dream the first few times. The only “reason” given for why the body swap is happening early on is the female lead (Mitsuha Miyamizu) shouting into the sky wishing to be a city living young Male in her next life (which in this case is the male lead Taki Tachibana). It is¬†entertaining to see each other react and then adapt to the other’s life style and try to blend in on top.

The two of them fall for one another over the course of the film and it feels perfectly natural and feels real even with the premise. The side characters are all well-developed and are also interesting to get to know and follow along their own stories that interlinks to the main one. Now I must dive into spoilers to talk about why the film is as good as it is.

Spoilers from here on!

So, the reveal that the two of them are not only miles apart in different areas of Japan but also 3 years apart and the female lead is dead from the comet that was seen on TV’s in the background breaking up and a large portion hitting her village in the countryside was completely unexpected (even though the “city boy in my next life” was a rather big clue) and it made the story so much more interesting and exciting. The overall plot then becomes about saving her and by extension her village and her friends by changing the past through him drinking her sak√© that was made by her chewing and spitting out rice, which was seen being made earlier in the film, it was then bottled and put in a shrine out of blast radius.

The film has been breaking many records, and it is the highest grossing anime film in Japan, a title perviously held by Spirited Away. The general consensus is that this is the best anime movie ever made, and while it is good I really don’t belive it to be the best, although is great in many ways, but then that is just me I suppose.

Anyway I don’t have much more to say about the movie right now, but it is indeed great one even though I don’t think it to be the second coming or anything.

Well, till next time….


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