A Few Thoughts On – DOOM (2016)

2016’s version of DOOM is a wonderfully gore filled love letter to the original, but it also manages to be its own thing which feels fresh and very welcome.


My time with this game was filled with joy, it feels like a dream to play. It is a fast game, no ducking behind cover, no reload, proper health pickup with no regeneration, holding more than two guns at a time, in other words it feels like an old shooter made for the modern-day.

From the first second it makes you feel like a force of nature, from the opening voice over of a demon telling you to rip and tear and calling you “The Doomslayer” right up to the title card showing up after a few minuets of getting used to how the game will play. Throughout the game there are upgrades that make you even more powerful, and they truly make you feel almost like a slasher movie villain. The Demons start to look like the helpless teens of the movie, but it never stops being fun.

The story is boiler plate, but that is all you need for the game is about killing Demons. But there is an interesting character in Samuel Hayden who is a 7ft tall robot scientist, he talks to you through the game telling you not to damage things which you then proceed to damage. He goes to a fairly interesting place by the end of the game along with the “Villain” Olivia Pierce. One of the best parts of the game is the soundtrack, while it wouldn’t be something I would listen to on its own, but when killing demons it pumps you up and makes the atmosphere of the game all the better.

Gameplay and story spoilers from here on!

So after playing hours of the game around 70% through you get to a point in which you must go back to Hell, and to get there you have to fight a Boss. this is the first point of the game in which a Boss type Demon shows up, and a huge health bar spans the top of screen. It is a wonderful moment and shakes up the gameplay at the twilight hour.

The upgrades for both your guns and your suit along with the runes make such a massive change to your play style, for example you obtain a rune that lets you increase the distance that an execution (glory) type kill works from. So it is basically a (Albert) Wesker dash towards your enemies.

So Doom is a great game, and very enjoyable for someone who has not played the original so I would think someone who has would have an even better time.

Well, till next time…..




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