A Few Thoughts On – The LEGO Batman Movie

While a great movie with a lot of fun moments, it falls short of living up to the first LEGO movie, but not by much.


Back in 2014 the LEGO movie was released and it was better than it had any right to be, and now we are here with the follow-up/spin-off and it is yet another great movie. While not as great as the first movie, it still has plenty to like. In particular it rewards knowledge of Batman lore, with references to the Batman movies, illustrations of comic art and the animated series done in LEGO form and the really obscure Batman villains.

In the first movie Batman was the funniest character as he was making fun of the character of Batman perfectly, the always serious and effortlessly cool hero. this movie continues that, but he is the main character so it gets a little one note after a while.

The story is about teamwork, which is fine as it is a kids movie, but I don’t think it was as well implanted as it was in the first film. The side charters were great, especially the Joker he was very well done. and the song…. Not as good as Everything is Awesome, but was good for the services of the movie.

alright to talk bout the film any more I need to jump into spoilers for the first and this movie, so….

Spoilers from here on out!

So the first movie had a bunch of properties in it, and it played off of that and it was great. This movie, at least from the marketing material made it seem that is was just the batman property, but it’s not. A one point the joker is sent into a sky prison in another dimension and meets Voldemort, Sauron, the Daleks, the Gremlins and King Kong. And they then make up the main opposing force of the film, and it is really the best part of the movie, which makes me think that using multiple properties is going to need to be that way to go for future LEGO films. this will be seen in the┬áLEGO Ninjago movie I guess.

there that was the thing I wanted to talk about, now that should do it. So, yea Good movie, not as good as the first.

well, till next time….


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