A Few Thoughts On – Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island is a fun feeling film about King Kong training to fight a giant lizard….. He also fights lizard thing in this movie too.


So, I find this movie to be fairly fun with dash of serious moments. But the main reason for this movie to exist is to start the set up for the Monster Movie Universe with Godzilla and friends, more on that later. Gotta talk about this movie first.

Kong himself is big, bigger than any pervious Kong but he doesn’t lose his “caring nature” early in the movie he tares the main casts helicopters out of the sky, but it is later told that he was only defending his home. The fights with the Skullcrawlers were great looking and had really fun things involved, like Kong using a tree as a club.

The human characters were fine, but they are human characters in a monster movie so they are what they are. John Goodman was only really there to get the cast to the Island, he didn’t really do anything there. Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson were both fine and probably did the best job they could. John C. Riley was the standout with his humorous actions to what is a fairly serious group of people. Sam Jackson was pretty good also, he didn’t do much besides hate Kong for killing his men and want revenge. And the rest of the cast were fine, but nothing special.

Goodman did work for Monarch, which is a company that researches monsters (from what I remember) and this company appeared in Godzilla from 2014, with Ken Watanabe’s character¬† being a member of it. To get into this any further it is time for…….

Spoilers from here on!!

So, I don’t really have much more to say about Skull Island on its own, so I am gonna talk about the shared universe with Godzilla. There is an after credits for Kong, involving Larson’s and Hiddleston character being held in an interrogation room. Two other characters enter, sit them down and give them a file. the file contains information on Rodan, Mothra, King Ghidorah and of Course Godzilla. The two characters who hand the file over to the leads say a very Nick Fury at the end of Iron-Man line, Kong isn’t there first. The scene then cut’s to black and you hear Godzilla Roar (which is the loudest, room shaking roar of the movie by the way).

This is very exiting, at least for me. in 2020 King Kong and Godzilla are gonna throw down, before that though Godzilla: King of the Monsters will come out, and I assume it will tie more things together before the fight. I for one cannot wait, but as for this movie it is a fine stepping stone on the way to something (I hope will be) great.

Well, till next time……


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