A Few Thoughts On – Iron Fist

This a disappointing misstep on the road to the Defenders.


Spoilers all round here (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and this) be warned!!

First of all I should say that I didn’t hate the show, I actually liked certain parts of it. But it is certainly disappointing and easily the worst of Marvels Netflix outings to date. I should probably list out what I felt was wrong with the show, So:

First of all the fight sequences, they were…….. Fine, but only that, fine. Unlike Daredevil which had fantastic fight sequences in both of its seasons, normally that wouldn’t really be much of a factor. But considering that the two of them will be meeting up later in 2017 in the Defenders inflates the point, it just seems weird that one show can get it right and then the (technically) sequel series get it right but only to the bare minimum. A prime example is early on in the show, there is a small fight is a hospital record room that has around thirty edits. Compare that with Daredevil which has a full five minuet fight in a single take and you can see the point.

Second is Claire Temple, again linking to Daredevil Claire has faced the Hand in that show and knows they are an extreme threat. So why in Iron Fist did she not call Daredevil for help when she knew the hand was involved? I mean, I know, it not within the shows budget and it would make it less cool when the team up happens in the defenders. But the show should have at least tried to write around it, like Luke Cage being in prison during this show gives reason for why he can’t turn up, and Claire only met Jessica the one time giving that a strong enough reason. But what is Daredevil doing? nothing? It was just poor writing and could have been easily improved by saying he was out-of-town for some convenient reason, perhaps working to get Luke out of prison or something.

Third is that the show cannot decide who the main villain is. First it is Harold Meachum, then Ward Meachum, then The Hand, then a second faction of the Hand and then back to Harold for then ending. It switches the villain around so often that it makes it difficult to latch on to any of them. Also splitting the Hand into multiple factions just makes things more difficult to understand, it looks like they wanted a HYDRA situation to mirror the movies but it just comes off as dumb. Madame Gao is still great though, I do look forward to seeing more of her.

The plot had its ups and downs the stuff about Danny and his past was fine, as was how Harold comes back from the dead, but then that was continuation of a Daredevil storyline. Most of the Bussiness/Company running parts of the show were boring (Par the Hogarth cameos), it was pointed out to me that those parts of the show play out like an episode of Suits, which I think is fairly accurate.

That is about it for the missteps, now as for what I liked: The acting was great, as I have come to expect from the Netflix Marvel-verse. It looked real nice and was well shot (par the fights). And the perviously mentioned Danny and Harold parts of the plot. Sadly though the negatives outweight the positives so I cannot rate it highly, but it is still watchable.

Right then, to end this off I am gonna rank the Netflix shows from best to worst in my opinion:

1st – Jessica Jones

2nd – Daredevil (Season 1)

3rd – Daredevil (Season 2)

4th – Luke Cage

5th – Iron Fist

Who knows where the future seasons of these shows, plus the Defenders and the Punisher show will fall on this. Only time will tell I guess

Well, till next time……..


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