A Few Thoughts On – Power Rangers

Go Go Power Rangers, You Migh- Pretty decent and well acted adaptation while keeping a good chunk of the source material intact – Morphing Power Rangers!


So, coming from a background of growing up with the power rangers reruns on Foxkids I would say that this a pretty well done adaptation of the Power Rangers. My expectations were low going into this, I thought it would be as shallow as the Transformers movies, but to my surprise it was actually pretty decent. In fact there are only two major complaints that I have.

The first complaint is that the movie did not adapt Bulk and Skull in any way, there was a singular bully in the movieĀ  but he was neither of the duo. To be honest, their whole thing early on in the show was trying to uncover who the Power Rangers are while also being dicks to the rangers civilian selves. This wouldn’t really work in the movie as the perviously mentioned singular bully is quickly dispatched, and is only a joke later in the film. I have seen online that people have suggested that a change in the characters to be vloggers trying to uncover the Rangers would better suit the world they are in and I agree. But the point is the lack of Bulk and Skull is disappointing, especially as they are fairly important characters later on in the show.

My second complaint comes from the product placement with krispy Kreme, I won’t go into it here I shall save it for the spoilers section, but boy they sure paid a lot of money.

Now, onto the good. The casts are all great and feel like proper teens, the actor for Billy and the actress for Kimberly were the standouts of the kids. While I don’t like the design for Alpha 5, Bill Hader is great as the voice, it just sounds like he is excited to be there. Brian Cranston as Zordon is also a highlight, while a tad more dickish than he was originally I still enjoyed his performance of a grouchy old man. It is a joy to watch Elizabeth Banks chew the scenery as Rita, even if this is the most heavily altered character from the original.

The movie moves quite slowly and spends most of the movie building the characters relationships with one another, which I quite enjoyed. But children won’t, the movie feels almost tailor-made for people who watched it in the 90’s and early 2000’s which is perfect for me, but those watching the show now would probably enjoy that more.

Also they used the theme song in the movie, which modern adaptions don’t normally do. If they are in there, it is usually in the credits. But it was in there for this one, if only for a few seconds but it was nice to hear. in fact it was ripped straight from the 1995 movie, which was odd but welcome. So, overall it is a decent movie with well-developed characters, and a competent story with the problems being mainly cosmetic. I would recommend this to those who watched the show as children, and it is possible to watch it without having seen the original, but I feel you would get less out of it.

Spoilers from here on!

So the Krispy Kreme thing, it one of the most egregious product placement I have ever seen. The entire climax of the movie was centered around the place, including a glamour shot of Banks eating a doughnut. It was mind-blowing, I couldn’t help but shake my head every time the Rangers said something along the lines of “we have to save the Krispy Kreme”. I also didn’t like Goldar in the movie, he had a personality in the show. But here he was just a big pile of golden goop, which I found to be disappointing. Another thing that bothered me as the design of the Megazord, it looked ugly although I didn’t have a problem with Zords on their own. The Cameo’s from the orignal Pink and Green/White Rangers were nice, and they didn’t look shoehorned in. And the mid-credits scene sets up a sequel quite nicely.

there that is all I have to say on this one, so

Till next time……


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