A Few Thoughts On – NieR: Automata

Nier: Automata is another mastercraft of a game, 2017 is not stopping with these great games.


NieR Automata is a very fascinating game, for example the game has 26 endings, well 5 real endings, with 21 “joke” endings. Each of these add to the ending overall with the exception of one, more on these later. So, Automata is a sequel to the original NieR from 2010, and that game itself is a spin-off from and alternative ending to a game called Drakengard. Anyway back to Automata, although it is a sequel to Nier it only ties in loosely, as it takes place thousands of years later.

The game is co-developed by Platinum games, they are known for making fantastic feeling action games and this works well here for Automata’s combat. The first NieR wanted to be as fluid and stylish as a Platinum game, but sadly it was not. So I am very happy with Platinum’s involvement in its sequel, the game plays very nicely, combat feels great and fluid.

You play as an Android in the game called 2B, and because of this you can upgrade her through plugging in chips to upgrade or add various abilities. These chips can be placed or removed at will, with the exception of the OS chip, if the OS is removed the game ends and the credits roll by extremely quickly. This is one of the joke endings.

There are also a variety of weapons 2B can use, such as small swords, large swords, spears and fists with various bracers. Along with these you also have a Pod, a pod is a small flying drone that follows you around. It can shoot small bullets at enemies and you can equip programs to it for various attacks, like a chargeable laser or a flurry type attack. The pod is also capable of speech and is a semi partner throughout the game. Your real partner is another android called Hackerman *ahem* I mean 9S, he helps with combat, and other than that he talks but not much else.

The game can switch up the way it is played from time to time. For the majority of the game it is a 3rd person action RPG, but it can change the camera to a side scrolling perspective and a top down one. The game even changes into a shmup at points, and it even plays well. The music in this game is amazing, almost all the tracks are very memorable. The game also looks real nice and the character design is also great. The voice acting is fantastic and the characters are well written and interesting. The world and levels are well designed which makes them great to play through.

This is a master craft of a game, it is truly top-notch in quality. There isn’t anything I can think of that I didn’t like about the game. I would highly recommend it. Now with all of the non spoiler stuff out-of-the-way, it is time to get into…..

Story and gameplay spoilers from here on!!

So first up, the story. Since there are 5 ending each with a different story (kinda) I will talk about them in order but I won’t go super into detail, as the games biggest strength is the story. Starting with….

Route A

This is the first route, in this you play as 2B, the route has a few twists and it plays nicely. Route A is the most standard route, and ends with a decent boss fight that results in a massive hit to the enemy network.

Route B

B route is a repeat of A route but from 9S’s perspective, it allows you to play as 9S and it introduces the hacking gameplay. This is a twin stick shooter in which you need to destroy a core in order to complete the hacking. 9S also plays a little different in combat, he only carries one weapon at a time unlike 2B who carries two. And he can also hack an enemy for massive damage. Other than the new gameplay there are a few added cut scenes for more context in the games various areas, and a small scene that sets up the next route, other than that there isn’t much different.

Route C and D

These routes play out at the same time, you switch back and forth between 9S and 2B. It takes place after route A and B and it continues the story. A small ways into this route, 2B is killed and an android named A2 takes her place for the player. A2 plays the same as 2B for the most part, she has the ability to “take the limiters off” for more power in combat. The story makes a lot bigger twists in these routes and comes to a close when the player must choose to play as either A2 or 9S in the final battle. This is where the game splits, A2’s ending (C) and 9S’ ending (D). A2’s ending cuts of the game there, while 9S’s ending leads into…

Route E

E is the final and shortest route, it stems from the credits sequence in route D. A question is asked of the player, if yes is picked the credits begin anew. This time though it displays E on the screen, the game then becomes a twin stick shooter where you must defeat the credits. after while it becomes near impossible for you to beat it, the game will ask if you want help. Selecting yes will summon people from around the world who have beat the game to help you, once beaten the game it will ask if you want to help others but to do this you must sacrifice your save games. I did this, and I recorded the ending so I have a record of play.

The rest of the endings are the joke endings, like the one mentioned earlier they just cut off the game there and alow you to reload. They are fun little things on the road of the grand adventure. Alright, that is enough about this game. The best things about it comes from playing it, which I cannot really convey here.

Well, until next time…..


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