A Few Thoughts On – Legion Season 1

FX has got something real special here, this is the best TV show of 2017 so far


Legion comes from the creator of Fargo (the TV series) Noah Hawley’s mind, and boy oh boy is that a great mind. This show is a masterclass in writing for TV and a superhero show, and to top it off it is also superbly acted to add that extra bit of greatness. If I had to describe the show in simple terms I would say it is a cross-up between the X-men obviously and Inception, especially the later half of the season.

the show is set in within the X-men universe…. well to be more specific it takes place in AN X-Men universe, it never really says when and where it is set. this works to its benefit as the X-Men timeline is very confusing today, thanks to Days of Future Past. Something interesting that the show does is switch its aspect ratio at points, it goes from a full screen to a letterbox ratio when things start to ramp up. It gives those scenes a nice cinematic look and really adds to the atmosphere in when it is present.

Another of the shows strengths is its use of music, I thought it was a very memorable list of music, including a cover of Oh! You Pretty Things by David Bowie and Children of the Revolution by T. Rex. In terms of acting the stand out of the show was Aubrey Plaza by a country mile, she stole and ran with every single scene she was in. This was an utterly fantastic first season for the show and I really cannot wait for it to return next year. I would highly recommend this show to people who like superhero shows and even those who do not and just like good drama, it is just too good to let it pass by.

Slight Spoilers Ahead!!

The show oozes stylistic choice, and the show uses that style to benefit the story. Along with the aspect ratio changes at one point in the late season the show goes full Inception and multiple episodes take place inside the mind of the main character. And another great style choice is when the show turns in to a silent film for a short while with some music playing over it, it is easily the best sequence.

I don’t really have anything more to say. If I were go on I would have to get into specifics, and I don’t want to spoil this treat of a show for anyone, so just take my word for it and go watch it.

It is truly a treat, and deserves to be seen by as many people as possible.

Well then, untill next time……


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