A Few Thoughts On – Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians Vol. 2 is a movie that is at least on par with the first entry, and in a few regards it is better.


Back when the first guardians came out, it was kinda risky as it was a property that not many people were familiar with. Now though, it is one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year and with good reason. The films both have great writing and characters, amazing visuals and a stellar soundtrack. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the first one by a small margin. The first was more of a wacky space adventure with many different weird and wonderful alien races to see, the second still is this but on a smaller scale with the main focus of the second is on building up the characters introduced in the first.

Although I prefer the first, I believe it is a smart choice to do this, as it gives the audience a chance to build a deeper connection with these characters. The movie gives more screen time to side characters from the first, such as Yondu who steals every scene he is in. The story is a more personal one, involving Peter Quill finding his father (well it’s the other way around). There were many great easter eggs to find, including a great reference to Mary Poppins. Like I said earlier the movie has a great soundtrack, and the points at which the songs play really help the impact of a scene, for example the points in which the song “The Chain” was used.

As for things I didn’t like, some of the jokes fall really flat which is a shame as I don’t recall a joke that didn’t work in the first. When the jokes do hit, they are hysterical but they are almost cringe inducing when they don’t, but humor is subjective I suppose. I really have a strong dislike for Baby Groot, I feel like he was being forced down my throat by marketing and being told to love him because he is cute. The jokes surrounding him were funny and he had one really good joke, other than that it felt like he was just there because had to be. Those were really my only two problems with the film, so I guess now is the time to jump into spoiler territory.

Spoilers from here on!

Right, lets talk about Ego. He was one of the more memorable villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while not the best he is certainly up there. This film now holds one of my favorite moments in these movies, the point in which Peter awakens to his god powers and fights Ego while “The Chain” plays in the background which ends in them forming giant rocks around them to deliver the final blow, Ego creating a giant rock formation of himself as he sees him as a God and Peter forming a giant Pac-man complete with sound effects.

The theme of the movie seemed to be family and all of the character building stuff around that is great in this movie, the Father-Daughter relationship that forms between Drax and the newbie Mantis is fun. The sister dynamic between Gamora and Nebula, although by the end this one did start to feel a little forced. And then the Father-Son stuff with Ego and Peter, which all felt really believable, even that great moment in which Ego (accidentally) reveals that he planted a tumor in Peter’s mother’s head to which Peter immediately starts shooting Ego in the face was kinda believable.

Now we come to the death of Yondu, which was a greatly done sad moment and it really tied into the theme of the movie. But in the bigger picture, you couldn’t really keep him around for Infinity War that is about to happen as he could singlehandedly take down Thanos by himself if he really wanted. So taking him out of the picture makes sense.

Of course there were many great easter eggs and connections to future Marvel movies in this, highlights include; Stan Lee being an informant of The Watchers, Peter Quill being given a Zune to replace his Walkman (best joke of the film), Sylvester Stallone playing Starhawk one of the original Guardians of the Galaxy and an after scene with the rest of the OG members. Then we have the creation of Adam Warlock in another post credits stinger, he is also kind of a God in the Marvel universe and one of the wielders of the Infinity Gauntlet (Gee, I wonder what is being set up here).

There was also a shot of Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster dancing in the credits, he was not in the movie otherwise. He is set to appear in Thor: Ragnarok later this year, so could that be a hint at some Guardians in Thor? Perhaps. Oh yea, while I didn’t like baby Groot, teenage Groot is quite funny.

Right, that outta do it. Vol. 2 is a well made sequel, and I look forward to seeing the Guardians again in Infinity War next year.

Well then, untill next time….




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