A Few Thoughts On – Alien: Covenant

To sum this movie up in two words – Its fine.


This certainly isn’t the best of the Alien franchise, but I think it better than Alien 3, resurrection and Prometheus. The movie has plenty of problems in terms of its plot and characters, but I didn’t find it completely un-enjoyable. In fact the movie is at its weakest when it uses anything from Alien, surprisingly the connections to Prometheus were more interesting although still flawed.

the acting was great even with the cookie cutter characters (with the exception of Walter and David). As was the music and it also looked great on top of that. The same cannot be said about the majority of the plot which was slow in a bad way and it felt like it was forced into being an alien movie. To talk about this further I need to get into spoilers, so before that if you want to see a decent Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller then it is fine for that, as an Alien fan though or even a Prometheus fan you may be disappointed.

Spoilers from here on!

First let’s talk about this being a sequel to Prometheus, it is a BAD sequel. Prometheus left people with the question of why the Engineers wanted to cause humanity to become extinct, this movie sees David commit genocide of the Engineers making that question unanswerable. This could be put down to the change in writers I guess, another thing that this change most likely causes is killing the protagonist of Prometheus off-screen. Apart from David who is now the main antagonist of the next movie I guess, all of Prometheus plot lines have been cut short.

Now let’s look at it as an Alien prequel, it is a BAD prequel. The fact that the face hugger as we know it is an experiment carried out by David is stupid, I really didn’t like the Alien stuff in this movie. It should have been built up a little more over the course of the next few films and then perhaps I would have accepted it a little easier. The non-Xenomorph Aliens are a little more interesting and should have been the focus of the movie.

While I didn’t like the fact that David engineered the Xenomorph all of his scenes were fascinating otherwise, especially the scenes with the Bishop like Walter. His drawings are very reminiscent of H.R. Giger drawings and his dissections of different lifeforms are all cool. The scenes that were shared with Walter showed how “human” or rather how crazy David had become. Walter is a very Bishop like Synthetic and is more Robotic than David but in a good way, and makes is easier to differentiate between them.

There is the cool fight between them later in the movie, which results in David winning and then acting like Walter to get off of the planet. After helping the crew of the ship get rid of the Xenomorph he puts them into hypersleep and put’s two face hugger eggs into a tray of embryos, leading to another prequel to Alien. Overall the movie as both a sequel and a prequel is a bad one, but as a movie on its own it is watchable and enjoyable, but not much more.

Well, untill next time…..


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