A Few Thoughts On – Wonder Woman

This is certainly a great step in the right direction for the DC Extended Universe


For a while now DC have been putting out extremely poor films in their attempt to catch up with Marvel and their cinematic universe. So it is a really nice breath of fresh air to have a good DC film, if it is sign of a turnaround for future DC movies remains to be seen. Who knew that all you needed was good writing and characters to go with your special effects to make your movie not a pile of idiotic garbage.

So what has this movie got going for it? well first, Gal Gadot is great in the role. She didn’t really get to shine in Batman v Superman, but she is the start of the show here (as she should be). Chris Pine is also pretty good in it as well, even though he is basically just using his Captain Kirk persona. The rest of the cast also all give great performances, even the villains although I did find them to be the weakest part.

For as much grief I give the DC movies (the ones in the Extended Universe) they do all have great special effects and gives a great sense of power. For example when Superman pushes Batman effortlessly it looked great and gave a sense that Superman was extremely powerful. Wonder Woman continues the great fight effects and the movie has a few great action sequences because of it (the best one coming fairly early in the movie). the movie also had a decent soundtrack, nothing standout par the Wonder Woman theme that debuted in Batman v Superman.

I have two complaint’s for the movie, the first being that it is a little to long for my taste, clocking in at around 2 hours and 20 minuets I feel like the 20 minuets could have been cut out and nothing would have been lost. A second complaint would be that one or two of the jokes fell flat, but this is more of a nitpick as most landed and this is not a comedy movie. It was nice though to have a DC movie with humor that didn’t feel forced and had bit of a lighter tone to it, not the dour no-nonsense tone we have been getting up untill now.

The story itself is simple and fairly slandered for superheroes, but that is fine as it is well written and has plenty of good character moments. Also the WWI backdrop made it feel similar to the first Captain America and its WWII setting, this worked for its benefit as heroes in a non-modern time period is really interesting. Overall it is a simple story with a great acting, writing and characters. It is well worth the watch, now for a little bit of spoilers.


Spoilers from here on!

Right then, a little bit of spoilers. This of course being around the twist reveal of Aries. While I did not see it coming at all, it felt a little weak to sideline the already weak villain that was being built up. The fight was cool though, that’s all I had to say about that.


Well then, until till next time….





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