A Few Thoughts On – The Mummy (2017)



This movie is extremely disappointing to me. After leaving the cinema I left hating the film, but now some time has passed and I have thought about it a little. While recalling the events of the movie I realised that I didn’t really hate any of it, I was just disappointed by it as I was hoping for much more.

The film is still mediocre though, average performance’s throughout, Russell Crow seems to be having fun though. It looks nice I guess and has some good-looking special effects. But the writing is poor, and the tone cannot decide if it want to be serious or a fun romp like the Mummy from 1999, but even if it did want to do the latter it wouldn’t work as the films attempts at humour all fall flat.

Spoilers from here on!

Now the reason I was disappointed was because I actually had some hope that this was gonna be a good jumping off point for this “Dark Universe”. A lot of people didn’t seem to believe in it before this movie (mind you now neither do I), which was a shame as the Universal Movie Monsters are the original “Cinematic Universe”

Now that I have seen the Mummy though,  they seem to be treating this universe as an almost superhero type universe. This should not be how it is, these monster’s are HORROR icons not superhero movie villains, make them Scary monsters dammit. If they want a hero in this universe they have Van Helsing, but focus on the monsters first. I want a Horror Cinematic Universe not a third superhero one.

Speaking of monsters, the Mummy in this movie was fine, but could have been better. You know, by… oh I dunno….. scary perhaps.

Also, this movie has Tom Cruise become the Egyptian God of Death, and revives two of the other heroes of the film. This is gonna remove all tension from future films with him in, as anyone could come back from the dead.

There is the fact that this movie had the Dark universe Logo appear after the Universal one, it is really sad how hard Universal went in on this. To much focus on building a shared universe instead of a good movie. I do hope Bride of Frankenstein is better in 2019 though (if it even happens now) that’s all I really wanna say about this movie, I would just prefer to forget that is movie happened.

Well, untill next time………


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