A Few Thoughts On – the E3 2017 Press Conferences

It’s a bring you B-Game kind of year


It’s video game christmas time once again, and to kick off the week of game goodness we have the E3 Press Conferences to watch. So where better to chronicle my thoughts on them as the shows happen than right here. So without further ado, let’s get into my thoughts:


EA Play –

Alright, first one down and it was…… Meh. There were two solid announcements, one being a cool idea of a forced Co-Op game about breaking out of prison called “A Way Out” by the brothers a tale of two sons developers, and a new Bioware IP called Anthem which will be shown off more in the Microsoft conference. Other than that there was the usual sports section, an interesting look at the new Need for Speed and of course Star Wars Battlefront II. The Conference itself was pretty dry in terms of presentation only one or two cringe/funny moments. Well it was a start to E3, nothing spectacular but EA is never the highlight of the show. I would give this conference a D


Microsoft –

This was odd, they had 42 games to show and most looked great but it felt like they didn’t have anything first party at all, par 3 games they were all third-party or “Console exclusive” games, but oh well. Right first let’s look at the Xbox One X (or XBOX for short…. Not confusing), the way Microsoft had been building it up, it was gonna blow people away and it was pretty but it didn’t feel like the powerhouse to kill the PS4 Pro, and it is also expensive at $499.99 (£449.99) I will not be purchasing it.

Now the games, Forza looks like Forza nothing groundbreaking there, Sea of Thieves look kinda dull sadly. And Crackdown 3 looks super scaled back from what was promised a few years ago in terms of destruction. That hyper 16-bit Cyberpunk game The Last Night looked amazing and I am looking forward to that life is Strange Prequel. There were some standouts in the indie montage and Bioware’s Anthem looks really cool too. The continuation of backwards compatibility is great, happy to see it expand to OG Xbox stuff. Well E3 is now moving along now with an okay conference, I would give it a C.


Bethesda –

This was a short one clocking in at just over 30 minuets, and as for the content in that time…. Was fine, Wolfenstein II looked great and while I didn’t like The Evil Within its sequel has me intrigued. There was the almost stealth announcement of paid mods for Fallout 4 and Skyrim which sucks, and there was also some VR stuff there to do with Fallout and Doom. Quake was put into public beta and Skyrim has amiibo (Link only) support on the switch. Other than that it was a lackluster show and it’s presentation style was weirdly reminiscent of a Nintendo Direct, but a poor attempt at it. So I would rate this conference of a D


Ubisoft –

Man, this is the best one so far. there was a big sense of heart throughout the whole thing. Plus there was some crazy stuff in there, most notably Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle. never in my life would I of thought I would see Miyamoto get on stage with a Gun, and I also never thought I would see an XCOM style Mario game composed by Grant Kirkhope. In addition to that there was the announcement of Beyond Good and Evil 2, a more adult orientated focused prequel which is cool. Then the new IP’s Skull & Bones, that Elijah Wood VR game and that toy’s to life Sci-Fi game which all look interesting. of course there was the expected as well; Assassins creed Origins, the Crew 2 and Farcry 5 which all have their points. So as for the conferences rating I would give it a B


Sony –

Well this is the biggest letdown of the show, par the announcement of Monster hunter and Shadow of the Colossus remake plus some VR stuff there were no new announcements to get excited about just some new trailers for games we already new about. Albeit good games but it was so bare bones, Spider-Man looks good as does God of War and Uncharted. I havent been interested in Call of Duty this decade but WWII looks pretty cool, other than that Days Gone looks pretty but it is nothing we havent seen before and I have n o faith in Detroit as it is a David Cage vehicle.

I understand why there were close to no new announcements, it’s because Sony have had tonnes fo them the past few years, so this year they just showed what would be coming out (potentially) in the next 12 months. Overall they had plenty to show but nothing that exciting so I will grade this conference a D+


Nintendo –

Ah, Nintendo did a wonderful job with the short showcase and their Treehouse Live show. First off it was short but to the point, quickly announcing a new Kirby game and a new Yoshi game. Along with new trailers for Fire Emblem Warriors and Xenoblade 2. Then we had the reveal that Metroid Prime 4 is in the works which is great I hope it can wash away the bitter taste that Other M and federation Force left in people’s mouths. The closer for the showcase was a trailer for the wild-looking Super Mario Odyssey.

After the Showcase the treehouse Live began which is a stage show that is a more in-depth look into the games from the showcase, but there are also some announcements in this show. At the time of writing this only one of the three games set to be announced here have been, and it is a second Metroid game. A remake of Metroid II called Metroid: Samus Returns is a 2.5D tradtional style Metroid game an another cool addition to Ninty’s E3 lineup. So while short (Well technically it is still going as I write) It had enough content that excites me to earn the grade of a B+


Alright then that was E3 2017, it was a fairly middle of the road year. There were a couple of really exciting announcements spread across the show, there wasn’t a landslide from just one company this year. Through my rating system Nintendo won with a B+ but I would say it was more of a joint between them and Ubisoft (Whom I gave a B) between them they have the most stuff I am excited for with Beyond Good and Evil 2, The Crew 2 and Mario+Rabbids from Ubisoft and then Metroid prime 4, Mario Odyssey and The 3DS Metroid game from Nintendo. Of course even though Ubi and Ninty took the E3 cake this year there were some things from the others that excite me as well; The last Night and Sea of Thieves from Microsoft, Spider-Man and God of War from Sony, A Way Out, Anthem and Star Wars Battlefront II from EA, and Wolfenstein II from Bethesda.

But nobody brought their A-Game this year, it was a very B-Game kind of year. I am okay with that though, it means that a majority of the games here this year will be out by next. making next year something to really look forward to. Alright there are my thoughts on this years video game christmas, and with that

untill next time…..



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