A Few Thoughts On – Castlevania Season 1

Netflix’s Castlevania is short and sweet.


I quite enjoyed my time watching it even though I am not super familiar with the Castlevania lore (playing only parts of different games in the series). I know the basics of basics about the franchise, such as the series main protagonists being the Belmont’s for the most part, I know there are others, Alucard included in that. I also know that Dracula is the main antagonist and that is about all I know or at least all I understand and can remember about the franchise.

The series has gotten me interested in Castlevania’s story, this first season of the show in particular seems to be about setting up the main cast of the show. Setting up Dracula in the first episode, Trevor Belmont in the second Sypha Belnades in the third and then Alucard in the fourth. Dracula has a great motivation for being the antagonist, I enjoyed his story the most out of all the main cast. Trevor took a while to warm up to, but I did by the end of the season, I ended up liking his can’t be bothered attitude even though it kind of irked me at first. Sypha doesn’t seem to have much going for her at the moment, other than her being able to use magic, she is easily my least liked character. Alucard is fun, but there isn’t much of him yet so he remains to be seen.

The Animation felt a little janky at times, but at other times it was really pretty and looked amazing. But it did feel weird to have this inconsistent animation. A second inconstancy was the voice acting, at times it was great and most of the main cast do a great job, but even then sometimes their acting doesn’t seem great and doesn’t match the animation at times (Trevor being the biggest contributor to this).

The music is a little bland, no recognisable tunes from the game (although Dracula does cry “bloody tears” at one point). Even with the problems the show was a fun watch and the best adaptation of a video game property to another medium in years but it still has some problems of course, the most prominent being the above. Anyway’s I won’t bother going into spoilers because it is mostly set-up and is very short, so with that it’s time to wrap up.

Well, until next time……


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