A Few Thoughts On – Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming is easily the best Spider-Man movie we have gotten after one decent attempt and one bad one.


Not only did they get the character right (like in Civil War) they made a fantastic film that fits what Spider-Man is all about, minus an important detail but I will get to that later. So, this movie doesn’t try to do the “save the city/world” thing, instead it lowers the threat level to thievery. Spider-Man is just a kid and he is known as the “friendly neighbourhood” Spider-Man, putting him up against world destroying villains wouldn’t make much sense right off of the bat. Plus if it was a world threat then the Avengers would get involved.

The movie really drives home that Peter is just a 15 year old, with him falling flat on his face trying to do cool spider-man acrobatics and he makes dumb decisions because he is young and inexperienced. The Vulture is a great villain, he is given a great motive and because of that he feels like the best fleshed out Marvel villain since Loki. Between him and Ego, Marvel actually has some decent villains to work with, and the movies are benefiting greatly from this.

Tom Holland and Michael Keaton give great performances as does the supporting cast, which are all fantastic. Tony Stark is in the movie the perfect amount, it happily wasn’t the Iron Man featuring Spider-Man. Happy is back, which is great as I have missed that character. Aunt May is certainly different but not bad by any means. All the kid characters are fun and likeable, but they don’t stand out too much as I only remember one or two of their names (those being Ned and Liz). The other villains are pretty fun too, the Tinker is there but not much is done with him and I will save the others for the spoiler section.


Now for some spoilers!!!

First up let’s talk about when Peter gets stuck under a pile of rubble. This really drove home that Peter is just a child, his screaming for help felt really uncomfortable (in a good way) and made his escape from it all the better when he has his realisation moment.

The reveal of the Vulture being Liz’s dad was great, I didn’t see it coming and it added a great layer of complexity to the plot. Another lesser reveal was Pepper Potts appearing in the ending, I know the reason she appears on some movies and not others is due to disagreements on her contract. So seeing her at this point just takes me out of the movie with me thinking “oh they sorted out her contact….. this time”.

Now, the supporting villains. The shocker (well two Shocker’s) appears in the movie and he is a perfect mid boss type villain, not to strong but in enough or smart enough to be the big bad, but is more than just your average jobber. The “criminal” Aaron Davis appears briefly, he doesn’t do much par share the great interrogation scene with Spider-Man. But he is the uncle of Miles Morales whom he mentions, so that could be seen as a start to a setup for that character.

A high amount of the Jokes landed, the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off reference with the gardens was my favourite, that and the golf course anyways.

This movie glosses over the origin of Spider-man which is fine I have seen it twice before, but Uncle Ben is not seen or mentioned at all. Because of this Peter doesn’t have the “with great power comes great responsibility” stuff about him, he is a lot more carefree as spider-man. This isn’t bad, it’s just a notable difference is all and I can also see why. The movie paints Stark as the father figure for Peter and probably will do until RDJ leaves the Marvel movies behind. Another change is the movie ending on Aunt May finding out that Peter is Spider-Man, I welcome it as the whole secret identity thing is not a large part of the MCU.

The mid credits seems to set up the next Spider-Man with a cameo by Scorpion, which could be fun but the next time we will see Spider-Man is going to be in Avengers: Infinity War and a second Avengers after that. So it is gonna be a good long while before this pay’s off, but Homecoming 2 (or whatever it is going to be called) is going to kick off the second generation of the MCU so that is something to look forward to.

The after credits is a great joke on the audience, throughout the film Captain America appears in a bunch of almost training type videos (one about getting detention and one about puberty for example). Then in the after credits cap walks out on-screen and talks about the virtue of patience and how great it is even if the payoff is disappointing, I did enjoy being poked fun at for the habits Marvel has given me.

Alright, that outta do it for this movie

Well, until next time…….


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