received_1480059208687803Right, I better put something here for the poor souls who stumble across this place and don’t know what the hell is going on. So I should probably begin with some kind of introduction or something then huh?

Well alright then, Ryan here! (as you can see to the left there) Or sometimes I go by the nickname of ‘King’ and I am the one who poorly maintains this place, I wanted somewhere to put my opinions on things to do with the following; Video Games, Movies/Film, Television, Anime, and Internet media. As well as other random things.

I enjoy all forms of media to some capacity and because of this I have opinions, on top of this I want to try to write. So having a crack at reviews, as well as the top ten _____ of the year and other similar things seems like a move to help with that. plus expressing love (or hate) for things in media.

So stick around!… Or don’t, makes no difference to me.

– Current header image is fan art of Final Fantasy VII