A Few Thoughts On – Sherlock: Season 4

So with the 4th and possibly final season of Sherlock over, it now seems like a good time to write-up my thoughts about it –




My Game of the Year Awards 2016

So, due to time constraints and other distractions, I was not able to play many video games this year. So I am not gonna make a traditional Top Ten list, in its place though I am gonna put together a small set of awards for the games I did play. As well as a list of the pile of Shame for those I did not (Or at least that I did not play enough of). (more…)

A Few Thoughts On – Swiss Army Man

So I am fresh off of the heels of the film “Swiss Army Man” and my thoughts are as follows; ……….. That was a straight up bazaar movie, I enjoyed did it, but it was very weird. The Film stars paul Dano as Hank, who is stranded on a deserted island at the start of the film and is about to kill himself. As he is about to commit the act he notices a corpse has washed up on the beach, this corpse is played by Daniel Radcliffe.